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Tena Koutou Katoa, Nau Mai, Haere Mai - Welcome to Central Normal School/Te Kura Tuatahi o Papaioea.

Thank you for your interest with enrolling at our school. We are incredibly proud to have been the first school in Palmerston North, which is represented in our Maori name, Te Kura Tuatahi o Papaioea, which means, the first school of Palmerston North.

We are a very unique and diverse school comprising of:
Bilingual education through our 6 bilingual classes in Te Arawaru
A fund holder school for Special Needs children
A ‘Normal’ school, which means we have a very strong relationship with Massey University with teacher training.

These components contribute to the wonderful school that we have here at Central.

At Central, we know a strong home/school partnership best supports our children’s learning and sets them up for future success. You are always welcome to make a time with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s learning, progress and achievement.

Thank you for your expression of interest in our school and we look forward to being a part of your child’s learning.

Ngā Mihi

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Regan Orr

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Kia ora ngā whānau,

We are so pleased to welcome you to Central Normal School/Te Kura Tuatahi o Papaioea.

What an exciting time for you and for your whānau as your child starts this next chapter of their lives at school!

You are very welcome to make a time with either myself or Regan. We would love to meet you, learn about your child and to show you around our school.

It is our aim to make the transition to school as easy as possible and know that you have a lot of questions at this time. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have.

It is my privilege to run our Seedlings Programme - this is our transition to school programme for our 4 year old students. These are run on 4 Tuesday mornings per term from 9 - 10am. We meet in Room 19 from 9 - 9:30am and then your child spends the second half an hour with their classroom teacher.

  • Our New Entrant Team comprises of:
  • Catherine Pallesen
  • Mark Riley
  • Mere Waru (Te Arawaru)
  • Gabrielle Barnett (who starts in Term 3)

The following information outlines the transition to school process - I hope that it is useful for you.

Ngā mihi

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Elly Warnock
Deputy Principal



Pre-enrolment is quick and easy. It gives us an indication that you would like your child to attend Central Normal School and allows us plenty of time to prepare for their arrival. All you need to do is pop into the office and fill in a pre-enrol form. You will be asked basic information about your child like their name, date of birth, and your contact details. Alternatively you can fill this in from home: Pre-enrol Form

If you live in our zone, your child's enrolment is guaranteed for Kura Auraki (mainstream). If you live out of our zone, your child's enrolment depends on the ballot.



Each term, a ballot is held at Central Normal School. A ballot is used when expressions of interest exceed available spaces.

There are three reasons that your child might be on the ballot.

  • Your child is a verified ORS student who lives out of our zone
  • You wish for your child to be part of Te Arawaru (Māori Immersion Programme)
  • You wish for your child to be enrolled at Central Normal School, but you live out of our zone.

The ballot is held the term before your child is due to start at our school. The upcoming dates for our ballot are:

  • 9 August 2019 (For children starting school in Term 4, 2019: 28 September 2019 - 14 December 2019)
  • 25 October 2019 (For children starting school in Term 1, 2020: 14 December 2019 - 9 April 2020)
  • 21 February 2020 (For children starting school in Term 2, 2020: 10 April 2020 - 3 July 2020)
  • 22 May 2020 (For children starting school in Term 3, 2020: 4 July 2020 - 25 September 2020)
  • 23 August 2020 (For children starting school in Term 4, 2020: 26 September 2020 - 15 December 2020)

You will be notified via email whether or not your child has been successful in the ballot.

For further information, please refer to the Central Normal School Enrolment Scheme.


If your child’s name is on the pre-enrol list, approximately 6 weeks before your child is due to start school, you will be sent an email asking you to fill in an Enrolment Form. You are welcome to fill this in at home, or you can use a device in the school office.

You are also required to bring the following documentation into the office (Enrolments cannot be accepted without this):

The eligibility document for your child. This can be either:
- NZ birth certificate or NZ passport (if NZ citizen)
- Australian passport (if Australian citizen) or
- NZ residency permit or NZ student visa/permit and Parental work permit (if the child is not a NZ citizen).
Immunisation certificate (if immunised)
Proof of your address:
- 1 proof of address from List A
- 1 proof of address from List B or List C



Seedlings is our transition to school programme for our 4 year old students. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to get to know some of the adult faces of the school, become familiar with their peers, the environment, and to engage in some basic literacy/numeracy activities.

Seedlings is run on 4 tuesday mornings per term from 9 - 10am. Please sign-in at the school office and then meet Whaea Elly in Room 19. We will spend the first half an hour together and then you and your child will spend the second half an hour with your child’s classroom teacher. You are welcome to attend four Seedlings before your child turns 5. The parent/caregiver will be required to stay during any visits prior to the child turning five.

The dates for Seedlings in 2019 are:


The dates for Seedlings in 2020 are:

Screen Shot 2019 09 16 at 12.25.27 PM




We’ve teamed up with OfficeMax to make stationery easy! You’ll find your child’s school stationery list online at https://www.myschool.co.nz/
Simply search for our school, select your child's class and/or subject lists and follow the instructions on the website.
There are 7 stationery packs for our school. Please ensure you order the correct pack for your child:

  • New Entrants (For children starting school in Term 3 or Term 4) (THIS CAN ALSO BE PURCHASED AT THE SCHOOL OFFICE FOR $20)
    - 1 x Journal Bag (Book Bag)
    - 1 x 1A5 Blank Exercise Book
    - 2 x Project Book
    - 2 x Whiteboard Pen
    - 1 x 12 pack of coloured pencils

  • Year 1 (Room 19, Room 21, Room 22, Akomanga 13)
  • Year 2 (Room 1, Room 2, Room 4, Akomanga 14)
  • Year 3/4 (Pod 5, Pod 6, Pod 7, Pod 8)
  • Year 2/3/4 The Whare (Akomanga 17, Akomanga 18)
  • Year 5/Year 6 (Hub 9, Hub 10, Hub 11, Hub 12)
  • Year 5/Year 6 Te Arawaru (Akomanga 15, Akomanga 16)


We are a SunSafe School. To keep our children safe in the summer months, a bucket hat is compulsory in Term 1 and Term 4. Central Normal School hats can be purchased from the office for $12.

How are New Entrant Classes Organised?

A child who starts school for the first time in Term 2, 3 or 4 will be classified as Year 0 when starting school. Any child who starts school for the first time in Term 1 will be classified as Year 1.


On the first day of each term, we have a pōwhiri to welcome new students and their whānau to Central Normal School. We would love to see you at this special event! If your child turns 5 partway through a term, we would still love you to be a part of the pōwhiri at the beginning of the term prior to their starting.

The dates for this year are:

  • 31 January 2019
  • 29 April 2019
  • 22 July 2019
  • 14 October 2019

Please meet in the staffroom at 9am. The pōwhiri will begin at approximately 9:15am once all of the classes have taken their roll and have moved to the hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my child’s portfolio from pre-school?

We highly value all of the learning that has been carried out at home and pre-school. If you are able to share your child’s learning portfolio with us, we value all that we can learn from this resource.

What are the school hours?
School starts at 9am. Children can come into class from 8:30am to prepare for their day. Morning tea is from 11am - 11:30am with the final ten minutes being a supervised eating time. Lunchtime is 12:50pm - 1:35pm with the final fifteen minutes being a supervised eating time. School finishes at 3pm.
Is there a school donation?
Yes. This voluntary donation is set at $50 per year for an individual child or $70 per year for multiple children. You can pay it all at once or smaller amounts more regularly if that suits.
What do I give my child for lunch?
We encourage a balance of ‘healthy’ and ‘enjoyable’ snacks including a sandwich and some fruit or vegetable sticks. Our children eat at least three points during the day - a healthy brainfood snack is eaten during the morning, then morning tea and lunch. Please also provide a named bottle filled with water - especially during the hot summer months.
How are children looked after in the playground?
There are always at least four teachers on duty in the playground as well as one in the office for First Aid. Each class has a buddy class they work with at different times of the week and older children are buddied up with younger ones. Buddies look out for each other in the playground and often play or help each other.
What do I do if my child is sick or is going to be absent?

Please phone (3593337) or text (027 3578156) the office before 9:15am if your child is going to be away for the day. If we don’t hear from you, we will text you to follow up any unexplained absences. If no contact is made prior to or on the day of absence, your child will be marked as Truant. If your child is sick for more three consecutive days, please provide a Medical Certificate from your doctor.

When is the best time to talk to a teacher?
There are many ways that you can communicate with your child’s teacher. You can email, send a message on Seesaw (our students online Learning Portfolio) or talk to the teacher directly. Directly before and after school can be quite busy times in a classroom, so you might want to arrange an appointment when the teacher has plenty of time to spend with you. Just ask.


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