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Team Wharite

Team Wharite Weave

Team Wharite Weave


The name of this peak is after the nesting place of Titi, or mutton birds as they are known. Whare= house: Titi= mutton birds. Titi as we know burrow into the ground and this was a place where Titi used to breed.

Teaching Team: Wharite
Enrolment: New entrants
Years: Year 0 - Year 2
Team Leader: Catherine Pallesen

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Catherine Pallesen (Team Leader) 

rachel mason

mark riley

Kia ora, hello and welcome!

We are Catherine Pallesen, Mark Riley and Rachel Mason – 3 out of 5 of the teachers in WhāriteTeam. This year, we are embarking on a journey of collaborative teaching and learning which means we will be teaching together in i-Zone 21 and i-Zone 22 with new entrant to year 2 children. This is such a special opportunity and one in which we are very excited about!

We each have our strengths, specialties and interests:

Miss Pallesen loves anything to do with art and creativity. Mr Riley is a technology whiz and a digital expert, and Miss Mason enjoys diving into reading, with music and movement thrown in the mix. What an adventure this year will be!

We are looking forward to meeting our bright and bubbly students along with their families and whānau, so come on in and say hello!

Please feel free to contact us by email too.

Catherine - cpallesn@centralnormal.school.nz

Rachel - rmason@centralnormal.school.nz

Mark - mriley@centralnormal.school.nz


I am Mrs Lesley Blackmore and I teach the wonderful Years 1 and 2 students in i-Zone 4. I enjoy spending time
with my growing family and we love to pick strawberries and apples that I grow in my garden. I love flowers, native plants and horses. They are my favourite animals and enjoy training and riding them on my farm.

Our classroom is part of the amazing Whārite Team and we work collaboratively with Mrs Cheer and the fantastic i-Zone 3 students. What a pleasure it will be to teach your bright young children. It will be a joy to see them developing self-confidence as they take control of their own learning. They will develop the kind, helpful and caring attributes of good friends as they work with others in all curriculum areas, making our classroom an exciting place to learn. My email address is lesleyb@centralnormal.school.nz

Lois Cheer 

Kia Ora and welcome to the 2017 School year. I am looking forward to teaching your child and sharing their learning journey and successes with you. I teach the year 1 and 2 students in i-Zone 3 and I will enjoy your support with reading at home for enjoyment and mileage, and with number activities and games. We will also be working collaboratively with Mrs Blackmore and the students in i-Zone 4.

I have taught at CNS for a number of years. I enjoy gardening, walking and cycling. I also enjoy live shows and musical concerts. I was delighted to continue to be recognised by the MOE as an Advanced Expert Classroom Teacher. I have two grown up daughters. Jemma is a designer in Palmerston North and Katie is the designer for MUSA (Massey University Student Association). Both girls attended Central Normal School. My husband, Nick, is the Head of Guidance and Counselling at Freyberg High School.

My email address is lche@centralnormal.school.nz

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