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Parent Information


We are always delighted to have the support of parents/caregivers in a variety of school programmes. Opportunities exist in the following areas, if you are keen to participate please speak with your child’s class teacher or a member of the senior management team.

  1. Assisting with class trips and visits If children are transported by private car they must be seatbelted in. The children are expected to behave in a polite and courteous manner at all times. Please inform the class teacher if this is not so. Drivers must have a current drivers licence and a registered car with current warrant of fitness.
  2. Coaching/and or managing sports teams. Practices are generally held on the school fields/courts after school, or in the lunch hour. It is important that the families of children are kept informed of dates and times of practices, and any changes that may occur. There is an expectation that children will respond to the adult in a polite and courteous manner. If there is a lack of sportsmanship, or use of bad language please immediately inform the teacher in charge. The child concerned may well be permanently ‘stood down’ from the team.
  3. Classroom support. There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in classroom programmes. This may be on a regular basis to assist with teaching and learning programmes. e.g. Art, Technology etc. Classroom teachers or management staff will provide the necessary support prior to involvement in these programmes. Parent involvement must be supportive of quality teaching and learning. For parents helping on a regular basis a voluntary helper form will be completed. Please note, that if you wish to be involved regularly in the classroom you will be requested to fill out a ‘voluntary helper’ form and meet with the principal or a member of senior management to discuss issues related to classroom practice, confidentiality etc. Classroom support is welcomed but it must be supportive of teaching and learning If you wish to discuss any aspects of the school or its programmes or wish to become involved within the school please do not hesitate to call in or phone us for an appointment with the principal or classroom teacher.


The P.T.A. works in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, organising fundraising projects to provide the excellent facilities of our school, ultimately for your child. It also organises events where parents, teachers and children can meet and get to know each other in relaxed social gatherings. P.T.A. members are also available to help the school when called upon. There is an ‘open’ committee. If you would like to support the PTA. please contact the Chairperson.


The school is always open to parents but a number of opportunities are arranged for dialogue to take place. Parent/Teacher Conferences March & August. Written reports to parents July and December. Each child has a ‘sharing book’ in which they record samples of their work throughout the year. The books form part of our assessment programme and give the child, the parents and teachers ready examples of progress being made across the curriculum. The books go home three times a year for your observation and comment. Please give your children all the encouragement you can as they progress with their learning. Newsletters are sent home with the eldest in the family fortnightly. The newsletters will be supplemented with notices and information as necessary.


A number of fund raising activities will be organised throughout the year, the funds raised enabling the Board of Trustees to meet the budget and provide for items of equipment identified by the staff, Board and the P.T.A. We thank you for your support with these ventures. Without the money raised it would be impossible to provide the equipment and activities we believe important for the best education we can offer your children.

school donation

The Board of Trustees asks for this donation, which covers the costs of additional sports and teaching equipment and assists with the cost of class trips and visiting artists. For 2018 the donation is set at $50 for one child or $70.00 per family. This may be paid term by term. Receipts are marked Donation and may be claimed as a tax exemption.


Paper-backs can be purchased through the school at reduced prices approximately 3 times a year. Order lists are sent home for parent and child selection.


The school Board of Trustees is the elected governing body of the school. The BOT welcomes feedback and information on issues in relation to the school. Please feel free to contact any BOT member to discuss these.

The monthly meeting of the BOT is generally held on the third Tuesday of each month commencing at 7.30pm in the meeting room. You are most welcome to attend these meetings. The School Charter and Education Review Office reports are available for reading and comment.

Central Normal School Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 December 2017.

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