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Early Finish - Thursday 28th June at 2:00pm

Paid Union Meetings

The teachers union, NZEI, are currently talking with their members about a range of issues affecting teachers and education, which include: teacher shortage across the country, workload, access to support staff to assist students who have learning needs and improved pay to reflect the profession of teaching.

NZEI have scheduled a range of meetings across the country for their members to attend. As per their Collective Agreement, teachers are entitled to attend these meetings. The only meeting being held in Palmerston North is on Thursday 28 June at 2.30pm.

Many of our teachers would like to attend this meeting to discuss these issues, therefore we will be finishing school at 2.00pm on this day.

We would greatly appreciate your support with collecting your children at 2.00pm on this day. We will also liaise with the after school care vans to collect children at 2.00pm.

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