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NZEI Union Strike - 29 May 2019

You have probably heard through the media that the NZEI Union and its members (primary teachers) have called for a nationwide strike on Wednesday 29 May. This strike will also be held alongside the PPTA Union and their members (secondary teachers).

This will be the largest education strike in New Zealand’s history, where both primary and secondary teachers will be on strike together. We appreciate that we have been on strike twice before, but members have voted to go on strike again, with the support of our secondary colleagues, to really enforce to the government the key messages and issues affecting education.

Some of the key messages and issues are:

•Increased funding and support for children with special and/or behavioural needs

•Significant pay jolt to increase the pay of teachers to attract and retain teachers in the profession

•Improved workload conditions

•Recruitment of teachers to address the staffing crisis

Our Board of Trustees have chosen to close the school for instruction on Wednesday 29 May, as our staff will be on strike. We apologise for the disruption this may cause, but appreciate your support and understanding as we campaign to the government about the issues affecting education.

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