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At Central Normal we strive for Excellence in:

  • Integrated learning
  • Inquiry Learning
  • Planning
  • Meaningful learning experiences
  • Reflecting
  • Assessing
  • Evaluating
  • Next Step Learning

As well as the basic core subjects, we have excellent programmes catering for:

  • Sport and physical education
  • Outdoor Education
  • Cultural subjects: Music, Art and craft, Dance, Drama
  • Information Technology, with computer suite
  • Maori language and cultural groups
  • Children with special abilities
  • Children with special learning needs

Information Technology

Central Normal School uses Information Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance children's learning in a flexible and challenging environment. Our children continue to develop skills and knowledge in the use of a variety of forms of technology, to enhance their learning of curriculum objectives. They develop skills of creativity, co-operation, sharing, presentation, communication and problem solving. We are continually developing the skills and knowledge of the staff in the use of computers, and related ICT equipment to ensure their effective use in the school.

Learning Resources

The library is a vital resource centre for the school, with over 12,000 up to date items on the data base to support and enrich the pupils' learning experiences. Children have regular sessions in the library for recreational reading and research.

Physical Education

As an integral part of our programme all children will take part in physical education, swimming, and sports activities. A note of explanation is expected if children are unable to participate. Please see that children have appropriate clothing for these activities.


Children in the school are encouraged to take part in team games to further develop their skills and sportsmanship. The school, with support from parents, provides sporting opportunities as follows:

  • Summer Cricket for boys and girls
  • Tee ball and softball for boys and girls
  • Touch, for boys and girls.
  • Winter Netball for girls
  • Miniball (basketball) for boys and girls
  • Hockey for boys and girls

Learning to Swim

The swimming pool is a school facility. All children are involved in swimming lessons during December, February and March. At times, teaching teams use the Local community pools for Swim for Life programmes. 


We do not set formal homework for children e.g. work sheets or exercises. However the learning of spelling, mathematical tables, following of news items or individual research tasks related to current studies may assist with your child’s learning.

All children should be encouraged to read and share books with their parents or family members daily. This needs to be an enjoyable experience without demand or pressure.

Special Abilities - the gifted and talented

Class programmes and ‘special programmes’ are geared to challenge and extend children with special interests and/or abilities. (Speak with the Deputy Principal for further information).

Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour

We are able to draw additional support for children with significant learning or behaviour needs. Three specialist teachers, who service the schools on the western side of the city work with parents/caregivers, children and classroom teachers following a referral process.

Resource teacher of literacy

The Resource Teacher works in schools with teachers and 1 to 1 with children, aged 7-10 years, who have significant difficulty with reading and language. Schools request support from this teacher through the management committee.

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