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Student Voice
School Environment
Values and Central Normal School
Student Voice

At Central Normal School, we believe that the active and authentic involvement of students in their learning is crucial to engagement and achievement.

We believe that when schools engage student voice they create opportunities to facilitate a stronger sense of: MEMBERSHIP – so that students feel more positive about school, RESPECT AND SELF WORTH – so that students feel more positive about themselves, SELF AS LEARNER – so that students are better able to manage their own process in learning, OWNERSHIP – so that students realise they can have impact on things that matter to them in school.

School Environment

As a Normal School we will model quality learning environments.

The locality in which children live affects their attitudes and influences the quality and quantity of their learning. Environments, which offer diversity and variety, are likely to be stimulating and exciting places in which to live and learn.

At Central Normal school, classrooms will be colourful, organised and reflect children’s learning.

Our ‘whole school’ learning environment is also important to us, All children and staff play a part in keeping our school tidy and a positive environment.

Values and Central Normal School

Central Normal School identifies three key values considered important for our school; which are Respect, Responsibility and Co-operation Everything we do at Central Normal School provides opportunities to encourage and foster these values.

Our three core values at Central Normal School are encouraged , explored and modelled naturally and authentically across all areas of our school. They are evident in our schools philosophy, structure, curriculum, classrooms and relationships. The CNS values are expressed in everyday actions and interactions within our school.

Welcome to Central Normal School!

Kia ora!

We warmly welcome new children and their families be they New Zealanders or from other parts of the world. We are pleased to have you as part of our ‘school family’ and trust that the children will enjoy and have much success with their learning while attending Central Normal School.

Why Central Normal?

Central Normal School is the oldest school in Palmerston North and we are proud of our history, as well as what we achieve today. We are also undertaking some exciting strategic planning for the future. All of our children are precious to us. We want to work in partnership with parents to ensure we provide the best learning that we can for each child.

Our staff are committed to providing quality learning opportunities. We celebrate success and achievement.

Parents are always welcome. We invite you to share in classroom programmes, trips and visits.  A particular invitation is extended to all parents to come to sports days, cultural events, special programmes, and assemblies.

There is a full school Assembly 9.00a.m. Tuesdays to which parents are especially welcome.

You will always be welcome in our school!

I am very proud to be the Principal of Central Normal School. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about our school.

Shona Oliver- Principal






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